German American Law

Legal Advice and Services in German Law for the U.S. Market

Do you have legal matters in Germany? Or do you want to live and work in Germany and need advice regarding the visa application process? Scarcia-Scheel Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services related to German law, including German contract law, German corporation law, German law of inheritance, German immigration- and naturalization law, and litigation matters in Germany.

To this effect, the firm’s services include German translations of all types of official documents, expert legal opinions in various fields of German law, and correspondence with business partners and public authorities in Germany. The firm has a wide network of highly qualified attorneys in Germany who can be consulted to assist or to act as local counsel whenever necessary.

Scarcia-Scheel Law Firm P.C. is a specialist international law firm based in New York City. The firm provides top-notch legal services in the most important areas of business law including commercial litigation, contract law, cross-border dispute resolution and litigation, employment-based U.S. immigration law, German practice, and international business law, while maintaining a competitive and transparent price structure.